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Club Penguin is full of cheats! So, let me tell you the ones you probably don't know about.

Walk on Paths:
1. Click the path you want to walk on
2. Before you get to the path, click your mail FAST!
3. When you think you're standing on the path, click out of your mail
It should look like this:
I call this cheat, "The Path Walk". Yeah, I know, it's not a cool name. I'm not good at naming cheats.

Throw a snowball like a Machine Gun:
1. Press "T" on your keyboard
2. Aim at somthing you want to throw a snowball at
3. Hold down the "T" key and keep clicking
Should look like this if you took a picture:

How to say Numbers in Club Penguin:
1. First, click the "Messages" button next to the "Emotes" button
2. Go to "Game" and click "Hide and Seek"
3. Go over to the "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" message and click it
This is what it should look like:

Walk away from a Mini Game such as Find Four and Mancala:
1. Go to a game such as Find Four
2. When the Game asks you if you want to play, click "Yes"
3. When you're waiting for a player, open up the map
4. Click out of the map and go somewhere
Should look like this:

How to walk/stand on water:
1. Go to the Iceberg by using your map
2. Click on the area of water next to the Aqua Grabber
3. Click "No" when it asks you if you want to play Aqua Grabber
Should look like this:

How to turn off the lights in the EPF Command Room:
1. Go to the EPF Command Room
2. Click the lights in order from left to right
Should look like this:
If you have anymore cheats to share, please drop a comment!

More Coming Soon!


  1. Cool!!! I always wanted to know how to do the path walk cheat!! :) hehe Also nice webpage!

  2. Me again. I have a CP account, I'm a member, if u ever want to feature anyone in anything, post back. I go to this site EVERY day!! :D

  3. plz make a cheat for a member plz i want to be a member!!!!


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